Safeshore Marine UK offer a complete range of highly effective galvanic isolators to suit all requirements: from 70 to 100 amps fault current capability with optional internal or remote status monitoring for active fault identification. Safeshore offer an effective solution for the control of destructive galvanic & stray current corrosion through shore power connection : DIY installation : 24 months warranty

Suppliers of high quality galvanic isolators to the marine industries

Safeshore Marine now supply to many major boatbuilders & chandlers worldwide. Trade & multiple unit enquiries are welcome.

Galvanic corrosion? Galvanic isolators for control of destructive galvanic & stray currents : Don,t sink the boat!

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Galvanic Isolator for Boats Yachts & marine craft

Safeshore Marine isolators UK design & manufactured to highest spec.

Marine Galvanic isolators with Remote Monitoring : 70 to 100 amps

Optional built in or remote fault monitoring : Indicates leakage of defective shore power supplies or onboard leakage & identifies a.c. or d.c. fault conditions. Highly effective against destructive galvanic current & stray current leakage.

Galvanic isolators (zinc savers) prevent galvanic corrosion of anodes,zincs ,magnesiums,shafts,propellers & all underwater fittings created by the use of marina shorepower earth connections.Use of mains power in marinas creates an increase of electrical current flowing through the underwater metals leading to deterioration of fittings often resulting in major repairs for the owner! Don't wait till the surveyor calls!

Fitting one of our isolators eliminates current flow through the "green wire" earth connections but maintains the electrical safety essential for the marine environment. These low cost devices can save £100's in lost underwater hardware & allow the safe use of permanent connections to mains electricity for battery charging /heating etc without the worry of destructive galvanic currents.Galvanic isolators offer galvanic protection to sacrificial anodes and underwater metals /hardware etc on your own & neighbouring vessels created by loss through earth wire connections.

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Safeshore offer a variety of highly effective isolators from 70 to 100 amps : 24 months warranty : All major credit cards accepted. Paypal welcome; Please visit our main sites below to order online :

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Model GI 70

Solid state construction. Isolated heatsink. Epoxy sealed.Rated for use with voltages from 6 - 250 volts ac /dc & 70 amps current rating  (peak 400 amps)  Suitable for use with rcd/mcb protected shorepower installations from 3-63 amps.conforms to EC/73/23/EEC & 89/336/EEC specifications. 24 months warranty subject to correct installation .

Model gi 70sm

As model gi70 but with the addition of remote status monitor which indicates fault conditions on the vessel or with the mains shore power outlet. This unit can be located on the dashboard or bulkhead away from the isolator & is complete with 4 metres of connecting cable

Model GI 70smi

As Model GI70sm but status monitor is built into the isolator. This model is suitable for installation where the isolator is mounted in a visible position : If the isolator is to be mounted out of view we recommend purchase of the GI70sm (with remote mounting status monitor module.)

Model GI 100

As model GI 70 but uprated to handle up to 100 amp fault currents. Complies to ABYC regulations.

Model GI 100smi

As Model GI 70smi but the status monitor is built into the isolator. Suitable for use where the isolator is mounted in a visible location.This unit is uprated to handle up to 100 amp fault current.Complies to ABYC regulations

Value your underwater hardware? Prevent metal corrosion before the surveyor calls!All marine vessels: Boats, yachts, small craft, sailboats,narrowboats, large ships:Sacrificial zincs magnesiums anodes (zinc savers) propshafts propellers skin fittings outdrive legs z drives dissimilar metals in fact every under water fitting will suffer from increased rate of galvanic currents & galvanic corrosion / erosion when connected to marina pontoon / berth shore power110 or 240 volts a.c. mains supplies. Fitting our high quality galvanic isolator will stop all galvanic current flow through the shore power earth “green wire” (ground) connection cable whilst maintaining safety on board ensuring rcd & mcb circuit breaker devices operate as normal under fault conditions. Galvanic isolaters offer protection to anodes on both your own & your neighbour's vessel: zinc losses, metal fatigue, cathodic  deterioration & electrolysis are all controlled by this easy to fit device. Cathodic protection is achieved with little outlay! Model gi70sm isolators have remote status monitor actively monitoring any potential faults on board vessel or defective ac mains shore power marina outlets. Protect anode, zincs, props, hull fittings, from expensive deterioration / metal fatigue / metal corrosion on your sailing boat, narrow boat, grp  cabin cruiser speedboat  powerboat by installing our abyc spec 70 amp isolator now. Buy direct from manufacturer at discount price only £69.99 inc vat! (£89.99 with remote bulkhead or dashboard mounting fault indicator). Leave power cord shore power lead permanently connected  in the knowledge that zinc loss corrosions through earth leakage via the hook up cable are now controlled. Don’t plug in without one! Save zincs now!

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